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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Nothing happening

I have not been busy on the mini front, I am planning my packing of the house and room boxes, ready for our move, but we do not have a moving date yet, very frustrating!

I hope to do one last blog on my house, before the packing, my yellow bed room, but as I should be packing for a weekend away with Kev, Hubby, that will be early next week.

have a very good weekend, I look forward to reading your blogs.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

His Masters Bedroom

I finally have time to sit and blog, we are very busy with our big house, the sale is going through Surveys have been done and we are heading towards a moving date.
We have spent loads of time in the attic (loft) sorting 15 years of stuff ! we are sorting to remove most of it, car boot sale here we come.
I just wonder how many cardboard boxes are required to pack your life in.

I have gone up to the 2nd floor, where the main bedrooms are, my house has 5 floors including the basement and attic rooms. This enables me to show a balanced house with a variety of rooms, but on this floor I did want two bedrooms. The room above I call the green room and it is where the master and his wife sleeps. It is a simple room, lit by lamps and a small fireplace.

This view is of the back wall, the door to the room was on the side, but to make the most of the space I closed the gap and recreated a door at the back, which dose not open. I have used mount board along 3/4 of the back wall. I used two pieces to give me the depth required to fit the door and have a fire place with a deep fire. The mantle is much smaller, I have used the same design in both bedrooms. This also creates a recess in the corner of the house which gives a bit more character.
The bed was brought at a show, the green blanket was from e-bay, the sheet is a lace hankie and the small blanket is a coffee cup coaster. I made the pillow and mattress. I stained the bed to match the colours in the room. At some point I will make with ivory silk bed curtains.

I love this desk and chair, the desk legs are so fine, I have had this desk in many of the rooms but I like it here where the lady of the house each morning can answer any invitations.

This bench seat also have travelled around my house, It was made locally and I fell in love with it. I also love the trunk,something the husband brought back from his sea journeys, it is very useful I keep all the spare bulbs for the lights in it.

I have hand stitched two of these rugs one for each side of the bed. The pattern is from 1930's and I think perfect for this room.
Below is a fine blanket I crochet, I am pleased with the results, until I put it next to one Fliss has made me, but I pleased to have another piece of my work in the house.


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