Monday, 13 April 2009

Still in the basement

One final look at my kitchen, I love the dolls house shows, we have had 3 in the last month, I look for item's to enhance the rooms, I have no need for furniture in the kitchen, but I love the accessories.

Next to the kitchen is the butlers room, here he is able to rest, but overlook the kitchen staff, he would chat to cook or the housekeeper. A very simple room, no clutter, just a desk for him.

Off this room is the cellar, here the butler would supervise the wines and ports, this is a cool room and kept locked most of the time. To create this room I have to change the window into a door and build the outer walls. It is not as deep as the rooms in the main house, it allows us a better view of the back wall and the wine store, it also give me space behind to keep the transformer for the light system. I made the arched wall and place the card brick's to give the feel of a cold store area.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

The heart of the House

This is all about my kitchen, it's two rooms knocked into one, a modern idea, but I felt a house this size would have a large staff and would require a kitchen to reflect that, so I left a wall out.

First the technical details, it's 1820, so they would not have a sink inside, the light's are a bit of a modern, no electricity but just the start of gas lights, I fell in love with the these lights and brought them from Ray Storey and I can't bear to part with them.

I put the window in the wall to the butler's room, I felt he might sit there with the housekeeper or cook watching the others. The floor has real tiles laid, and I added the false door to the main floor of the house. I love the scrubbed tables, not many cupboards in here.

The fire place I made myself with real bricking lining the chimney, I am pleased with it, I also love the game hanging from the rail, waiting for cook to do her best. The range, a very modern item, was a basic model I have added a bulb and as you can see it's looks quiet real.

I like to have pleanty of food item's, cook is always busy. I will change these item as the seasons change, I have a bowl of strawberries for the summer months and different flowers for the side table. I have added potatoes, but these are only for the staff, cook would never serve them to the Master.

Look closely and see lots of little gems I have added, and note the cat is having fun with a potatoe whilst a mice is scurring around.


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