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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Nothing happening

Well, nothing much is happening here, it has rained non stop for days, I'm sure someone must be building an arc. We are very busy on our big house, you can catch up with all the details here

We had done loads, but we are about to start phase two, the living area.

I have done nothing with Somerset house, I still have a box of items to place, it's all the great things I have collected thought the past 5 years. Each weekend I think I will keep an hour to make a start and the time just flies by.

I have finally finished sorting my office space and have everything where it should be, I have finally removed the plastic drawers which looked dreadful, they have been banished to our attic (Loft) with all my spare stuff in. Can I ask how much spare stuff can a woman have!! I am sure Kev must be a saint for putting up with all the stuff, and still I mange to go shopping and buy more.

I think I need to visit a miniature show and get my bug going again, there is nothing like a good show, where you can touch and fall in love with loads of mini items, One of my favorite location, the Lymington show on the edge of the new forest in Hampshire is on in early April, and I can't wait.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Hello, it's me again, we are in our bungalow, mostly settled, builder free for the mo.
I have sorted my office space, I now share a larger room with Kev, but I don't have so much room of my own. I have two photo's showing my area.

Somerset house is set up, at this point I have no basement and garden area, but that will follow and I am making plans to do the roof area with a couple of rooms.

In my first picture you can see my desk and my room boxes, I have given away one shop, and in the process gained another person to our hobby, Julie is planning to have a Christmas shop, working through out the year towards the grand opening in November. I will have pic's when the time comes.

Most of my other projects still are here, could not get rid of the kitchen, toy shop or beach hut.

I will have to find places for my beach hut and work room, but for now they sit on top of my house.

We are busy decorating the spare bedroom, and planning when the warmer weather comes, we can sort the sitting and dining room.
That's all for now, going to have a go with the Wii dance game, should be fun.


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