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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New year new promise

I have ignored my house this year, but it sits waiting for me to return, almost finished, but never completed.

So my promised is a couple evenings each month, I will work on my house, I have outside jobs which need completing, the attic, the street level.

I have rooms to complete, the yellow bed room, the attic rooms and the basement.

Gardens to create, a courtyard in front of the house. 

Most of the above things I hope to do using kits, and making myself, it's the way ahead since the local shows and shops are disappearing, It is a shame, we have a dolls house shop within walking distance of our house, but the owner is very opinionated, it would be great if we all could afford the best made items, and not support the cheaper imports from places like China, but our hobby has to suit our pocket, and my house has a mixture of items.


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