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Saturday, 8 June 2013

New stitching

 I am stitching another rug for dolls house's, it is a passion of mine, I do love these little complete pieces of work. This is the 4th time I have stitched this, but it is not for me, a dear blog friend has a new site  which she is building and has agreed for a couple of my things to go on sale.  Please pop along, it's a new venture and we should all support her. 
I will let you know when I have finished both rugs and they are on site.

Monday, 20 May 2013

New floor from old

I am now looking at doing the floor, in Somerset House I did a wood block floor, which I glued to cardboard, so I could still get to the lighting. I saved the floor cards, just in case. 
I have decided to reuse these, my new project has a very large floor space, and as each room was a slightly different shade I could not just put them together.
 So to reuse the blocks, I laid wet paper kitchen towel over the under side card, and when it was mushy I scraped the card away from the blocks. It did not take long for the card to get soaked.
 I am left with the blocks still stuck together, but whilst still damp I am able to separate them, I need loads so I have three floors to break down. I will mix the colours together, and reattach to new card board templates.
Not all the blocks can be used, I have have enough to do the main floor at no cost to me. So I am going back to my task, once I have all single blocks again, I will have to wait until they are dry and then stick them and sand them.
It's not the best task, but once done I will be really chuffed.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Colour my world

I am really having issues with my new build, there are no designs, I am doing every thing from scratch, and that's my problem, because I do not have a building, I can not decide what I will put inside, and therefore I can't build my project.
 So I decided it was time for colour, and I went modern and bright, starting on the lower section I painted what I had. A jet black shiny door, with white frames. I have been thinking Jade for a long time, for no reason than it's bright. the other walls are pale violet, I will have a natural wood floor.
 So what do you think, it does make a statement, and now it feels more like a building. I am thinking a shop in the big space, a posh shop.
 An office in this smaller space, bit I will finish the windows and the floor 1st, it's a huge space to fill.
I would still like to have a glass front, like a studio, all the natural light.

I have been looking at every thing I have collected and there are some beautiful bits, which I can't part with so I am thinking an antiques shop, to show off my nicer bits, with an apartment above and a courtyard space.
I have so many things I can reuse, which I would love to see on display.
Slowly it is coming together...

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

In print

 This is very exciting, I decided to use my blog to produce a book
Somerset House is gone, but not forgotten

Just a couple views from inside, a complete record of the house and contents, I was so pleased reading through it, it's just an indulgence for me, I did add in a final chapter my projects room boxes. Every thing in one place.
I use a company called Blurb, through them you download your blog into a book, you then design each page using text and photo's from your blog. It's simple to use, allows you to add more photo's or text.

I have three other books for my other blog Poppy Patchwork

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Very modern

 I have not done much building, I have been looking at various designs for the build, I now have a clearer idea on how I will build this space.
I do want black shiny internal doors, with white door trims, here is the first coat, once dry I will sand it down and give the door a second final coat.

I still do not know what or who will be inside this project, I have loads of ideas, part of me thinks I have some beautiful stuff and should stick with them, and then I start thinking of ultra modern, is it a home or a shop, library or art gallery. Which will match my creative side.

 I am thinking the back wall in this pink with a sparkly overcoat, this is in the bottom large room. It would be much easier if I have a building to make and then decide on rooms. This is building has started the wrong way around.
I am going with the big studio windows for both floors, with a small walk way on ground floor and use my railings, I still like the idea of a terrace garden on the top floor.

Back to Google, you know me things might change.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Some thing new

 Working with the items I already have, I thought it would be nice to build something, my 1st thoughts was to create a gate house, and use some of the lovely items from my grand house, you know, move mother out to her own space, away from the wife.
I had a good sizes base board with groves set in for my starting point, once sorted I could cut it to correct size, I added a few walls, much bigger than 1st planned, but a really nice space, an apartment came to mind, going off in a totally different direction, but I played.
 Hubby cut the bottom walls to match the angle of the top wall, this is getting very modern, I watch to many Grand Designs. But I liked doing some thing different.
 Inside two levels, with a door at the back to gain entrance, and stairs in the larger space.This smaller side could be an entrance space, office or small kitchen. I can swap the door at this stage and have it going into the larger space and do a different type of stairs, these are just here to gain ideas.
 So my thinking is, two rooms on the lower floor, a bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor, and in the right hand corner an outside garden. I can swap the top sides over so the wall will be bricked, and I have spare bricks for the exposed back wall.
With a flat roof, and a sloping front, which I will have as large glass panels, very much like a loft conversion.
I will not decide who can live here until I have built it, I could have some one with love of antiques and use items from Somerset House, or I could go ultra modern. But I can wait until it is built. I require a couple of longer panels for the upper floor and the roof.

But I need to research and get the look right for the build, but it's a very good start.

My shop and kitchen has been place on the top shelf of bookcase and sits just under here.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Hello, anyone there

 Will you forgive me I have been away for so long, losing my mojo, work and life have kept me away, yesterday I sorted my office and moved my toy shop and kitchen, I have placed the kitchen above the toy shop, they were never made to be a pair.
Looking through my shop window an the near perfect little toys, 
a window for boys,
 another for girls, such wonderful little world, 
waiting for the children to visit and take them home. 
So much has happened since I last blogged, I came to realise, if I were to finish Somerset House it would be to complete the task rather than for love, creating the main body of the house was my passion, and I had done that to a level I was so very proud of. Plus the task had been going for almost 8 years, so I made the decision to dismantle it. I have packed all the tiny accessories away, they will come out again, I have saved the special bits of furniture I so love. I will have an e-bay moment to sell on loads and probably a give away on here, but the house is gone.

Fliss has a two story small house I can have if I wish, and I have enough walls, windows and doors to make at least 3 room boxes. I have ideas, a library, a modern apartment, a church. I want to make as much as I can and use some of the stunning items I have, I will put loads on a section frame, behind glass.

I have been working on a book, it's only for me, I have taken pictures from my blog and put them into a book, a record of my achievement, I hope to have it printed soon.


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