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Monday, 17 May 2010

Just a note

I have been busy in my garden in the past week, and spent far to many visit's to our local hospital.
I have not had much time to do any mini's.
This Saturday morning, we are off to France for a week, we are chasing the sunshine.
So this is my last blog here for a couple of weeks, I will try and enjoy the food and wine with Kev, Su and Gav.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Faking it

I was reading Casey's blog where she is making a room which will not be seen only through a door, and I thought I would show you my own attempt. If you have not been to Casey's site, you should go there after you have read this, it well worth a daily visit.

On my second floor I have two bedroom and a hall area in the middle, The stairs run up the centre of my house and I wanted to break the straight lines. I decided I would use the top hall as extra room space. I finished the stairs on the floor below and I think cleverly created the image of a second set of stairs in the back half of the house, if you want to read more pop here

I left the walls for the back hall white photo above, , it plain, I had a great table I wanted to use, photo below, I put the lamp in to show the area, I do leave the wash room door open so you can see the hall area, on the floor I put a carpet brought when last in Turkey, I may stitch a rug for here but no one will see it.

Both these tables are hand made, the one above is beautiful, but I have no where in my house for it, I brought it for the hall, but then fell in love with another. the table below is in my washroom, Fliss passed this one on to me, I like it because it looks used and a bit rough on the edges, everything of value would have been on show in the downstairs area where they could be seen.

To create the washroom, I made a wall using mountboard and put in a door, the flooring is the same as in the bedrooms, I do like to leave this door open. I like this smaller room, before it was to deep, now it looks as if the house is much bigger. I am a big fan of faking things to enhance the house and use tricks all through. The wallpaper I downloaded from the net, it is correct for the time of the house.

Once every thing is placed the room looks good, the table at the back matches the items in the bedrooms and was made by a local craftsman who sadly is no longer here. The bath is wrong for the period, but one day I will find a hip bath I like, until then this claw foot will do.


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