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Sunday, 23 February 2014


Have you missed me, it's been 8 months, it is fair to say I stalled on my last project, so a rethink has taken place, I got out my board, and some of the pieces I would love to use again from Somerset House.
 Please do not look at the wall colours, I have put this together to see if it will work, and I am feeling happy. I have loads of desk and lamps, which I was thinking I could put in a shop, but this looks better, a library. I am reusing most of the nice things I have stored, it's time for me to put them back on show.
 Along the back wall, I want to use mount board, 1st to set the door into the wall, and then on both sides, I want to have an alcove using the furniture pieces I have here. Also I want a wall of books, my plan is to build the alcoves out to the width of the book selves, which I will build into the back wall.
It came to me yesterday, the problem I had with my project in previous post, it's modern, but I love the style below. I will make a herringbone wooden floor, half panel walls and using the same dark green, but with loads of space.
My corner looks a mess, I have attached my lighting control box to the kitchen, and I will attach, my shop, my sewing room and the library, so each can be lit. I also plan to have a candle in my beach hut.

I am going on line to find the polished wood for the library shelves, and then later in the week, off to B&Q for the paint, Hobby craft for the mount board, I have all the floor tiles. The front I am going to have a clear sheet like I have on my kitchen, I want to be able to see in.


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