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Sunday, 27 February 2011

1st visitor

Somerset House has had it's 1st visitor all the way from North Carolina, when she arrived she moved straight in and has been staying there . Miss Isabella says's she is a distance cousin to the family.

She is using the yellow room, even tho it is not finished, she loves the french feel of this room, and liked the hat and bag left in there for her.

She has inspected the work being done in the attic space, I want to thank Connie for her giveaway. the doll was a extra she put into the parcel, you can read about the items Connie sent me here at my other blog.

The Tiger skin rug is coming along well, I have run out of two colours, but should get more and finish on Tuesday.

Next week I am going to have a giveaway for this blog, in March it will be my 3rd year anniversary, so watch this space.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Internal walls

I have painted all the inside walls and left them all looking rough, the Georgians would have never considered doing anything good in the attic rooms, no one but the children and the servants would go into this area. I have glued the walls for the maids room together, I have left a space at the back to make it look as if there if a corridor behind.

I have not glued the maids room into place, I want to be able to move it, should the need arise, I have put a few items of furniture in place to show the size. I now have to make the windows for the roof and then attach. I will be using card tiles again from Peter Clark, but I have to go to a show in Lyndhurst in April to purchase them.

I have stated making the Tigerskin rug, not done much yet, but you can see the colours, I have a friend who is good with Filmo, and she has made me a head. This will go in the study.

I'm not sure I will be able to keep up this pace, but I am so very pleased to have done so much in the attic.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Getting there

Here you can see how I place the bricks, I like to mark the wall with lines, this helps to keep the rows level. I spread the glue on the wall and then just place the bricks, I was able to do the whole wall in one quick sitting.
I cut a hole in the back wall and glued the door and frame in, often I make a fake wall to sit the door in, but here I had the option I chose whilst making up the attic. I have painted all three area's the same colour, I have stippled the left side, the disc in the wall is Dolls House Emporium, I wanted this to be seen on the inside. I have not stained the floor, it's so high most of the time I will be looking up and not see the floor. I have also added two plugs for lighting, I always use plugs, so I am able to change the lighting without having to go to the back of the house.

Last photo from the side, I am very happy so far, I have just the internal walls for the maids room to put in, the paint is still drying on them.

That's it for now, I have had fun this weekend, I hope to start the tiger skin rug this week.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Going up a level

Finally I have started work on my attic space, the kit came with a fixed roof, but I have always wanted to use this space, so I have designed (copied from other houses) this space. This is just taped together to check it works. I have to say thanks to my hubby for cutting all the wood, I am not allowed to use saw's, I have history which always involves cutting myself. I have space in front of the attic, I want to place a balustrade here.Below, I have the maids room, I have kept this small, I like having rooms of different depth, I think it makes the house look real. I made the nursery bigger, I want to have day beds in here, the house does not have young children, but I still wanted a nursery area. I have just placed the doors to give you a sense of size.

On this side I want to make an attic space, I have items I can place in here, I think this area might be very interesting. I have also spiders for the corners, they won't be seen very easily, but I will know they are there.

I have remove one outer wall, and I am going to cover it with rows of cardboard bricks, this will match the side and front of Somerset House, it's a job I do not like, but it will be easier doing now.

I now have loads to do, and plenty of energy, I have also found a nice pattern for a tiger rug, I have to buy some linen, and hope to get started soon.
So watch this space, I'm on the go again.

Bricks are sold on A4 card, made by Peter Clark, who sells in Uk shows,
sorry can't find a website.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

A new blog

I have been following Connie's blog for along time, but now she has started a blog for just her mini's, please pop over to It's a mini life , say hello and if you like what you see please follow her.

Connie is also having a giveaway on her other blog, RemakeRemixReuse

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mini kits

I was reading Laura's blog at My Wee Life she has been making flower kits. Bonnie Lavish ones, I also love these kits, she said she needed some chocolates to go with them. So yesterday I went searching in my stash and found these below. I brought them at a show for an idea which was forming in my head, and it never got going. So Laura, I have left a message on your blog, or when you read this, send me your address, they are yours. Have fun making them.

My house is still the same, I am waiting for hubby to cut the board to make the attic's, once he has cut the back upright, I can them measure the sides and the roof. I have got out the maids bed so I can make her small room to size.

It has been very windy here, so because he keeps his motor bike in the garage, he has to use his saw to cut outside, looks as if I will have to wait until next weekend. Oh well, I have been so slow working on the house, I can't complain yet!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Not alot of change

I have to amit this is a sad sight, I have done so little on my house.

I did have a huge sort out of my cupboard, under the stairs, where I keep all my wood and tools, when we moved I just plonked every thing in there. I have found the two large boards to make the attic, which will be divided into three area's. But I need Kev to do the cutting, I am banned from using his electric saws, and for a very good reason.

Once he has cut the the boards I can then make them up to look something like this

I have loads of books to help me with the era, I do like every thing to be right, sometimes I think I should go with anything I like, but that's not really me on this project.
I still have loads to do, so sometime soon I should be able to show you progress,
fingers crossed it will be this month.


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