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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Going up a level

Finally I have started work on my attic space, the kit came with a fixed roof, but I have always wanted to use this space, so I have designed (copied from other houses) this space. This is just taped together to check it works. I have to say thanks to my hubby for cutting all the wood, I am not allowed to use saw's, I have history which always involves cutting myself. I have space in front of the attic, I want to place a balustrade here.Below, I have the maids room, I have kept this small, I like having rooms of different depth, I think it makes the house look real. I made the nursery bigger, I want to have day beds in here, the house does not have young children, but I still wanted a nursery area. I have just placed the doors to give you a sense of size.

On this side I want to make an attic space, I have items I can place in here, I think this area might be very interesting. I have also spiders for the corners, they won't be seen very easily, but I will know they are there.

I have remove one outer wall, and I am going to cover it with rows of cardboard bricks, this will match the side and front of Somerset House, it's a job I do not like, but it will be easier doing now.

I now have loads to do, and plenty of energy, I have also found a nice pattern for a tiger rug, I have to buy some linen, and hope to get started soon.
So watch this space, I'm on the go again.

Bricks are sold on A4 card, made by Peter Clark, who sells in Uk shows,
sorry can't find a website.


  1. Your house is looking great! I love the lay-out.

  2. I love the idea of this attic. It is really going to look great when it is finished.

  3. Hey, I like the idea of cardboard bricks. How do you make them! Is your dollhouse exterior have these cardboard bricks? If so - I would never have thought that - because it looks so good!
    If I knew that you couldnt have gotten any of those little dolls - I would have sent you more than one of them. I hope you receive your box soon!!

  4. Very promising :-)
    Good work (boring) and good Sunday :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora


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