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Saturday, 10 May 2014

On display

Loads of tiny treasures on display.
 I found this frame in a local charity shop, £3.95, a bargain and perfect for a long standing plan. I threw away all the contents and cleaned the plastic back sections. Adding coloured papers to the back to cover the imperfections. 
 Then the fun, finding all these lovely items from my big house.
 Just a few of the special items.
 Now to hang it on my office wall.
It's great when a plan comes together, and after looking at loads of more expensive frames which did not fully meet the requirements, pleasing to have stumbled across just what I needed.
Most of what I have here is just so special to me, I hated having them packed away.
Still have plans for my library room, but my real garden is taking most of my time.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Almost, but not quiet

I had good plans for my mini corner this afternoon
 I was going to get hubby to cut the ceiling board, and add this paper, I would then paint it white. I have used this paper in Somerset House it makes the ceiling look great.
I also wanted to lay the floor, I have found my wooden blocks and purchased a flat piece of black leather to use, my plans were set, by this time my corner would look tidy.
 I have also made another mini rug, 
not for this project, 
I have all the rugs I require, 
but as a gift for Laura it will fit in a project she is working on. 
 Oliver came to visit, so a few hours of fun and no mini work done, he is so cute he is forgiven.
I have Wednesday afternoon at home waiting for a delivery, so I will have a mini afternoon. I would like to have the floor done and paint the walls, the ceiling will have to be done next weekend.
With stitching and gardening my mini time is limited.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Start at the bottom

I have made a start on the wooden floor, 
I am using pre cut tiles for the outer edge, these I had in my stash.
 I always lay my flooring on card, it helps me keep every thing neat, and should I require access, I can slide the card out. I have glued the outer band, and just laid a few tiles to show the herringbone style I love for the middle. I would like to have a thin dark wood band between the outer and inner tiles.
 I'm not as far forward as I wanted to be, I have packed my stash of used tiles away and can't find them, this afternoon I will have another look for them. I still need to purchase the wood required for the book shelves and wall panels, and the paint.
 I did put the 1st level of mount board along the back wall, the door has been cut into the board, I still have to build both sides to create the alcoves.
The light above was purchased from Ray Storey, his work is fantastic, it hung in my basement kitchen, but I wanted to use them again, along with all the  lamps I have.
I hope to have time this week to be able to do more, I still have the lighting system to connect to my other room boxes.
Can I point you all to a new website being run by Laura, she has started Insh Miniatures and amongst the normal items for sale, she has loads of hand made items, including 2 hand stitched rugs by me, please visit and support this new venture.

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Have you missed me, it's been 8 months, it is fair to say I stalled on my last project, so a rethink has taken place, I got out my board, and some of the pieces I would love to use again from Somerset House.
 Please do not look at the wall colours, I have put this together to see if it will work, and I am feeling happy. I have loads of desk and lamps, which I was thinking I could put in a shop, but this looks better, a library. I am reusing most of the nice things I have stored, it's time for me to put them back on show.
 Along the back wall, I want to use mount board, 1st to set the door into the wall, and then on both sides, I want to have an alcove using the furniture pieces I have here. Also I want a wall of books, my plan is to build the alcoves out to the width of the book selves, which I will build into the back wall.
It came to me yesterday, the problem I had with my project in previous post, it's modern, but I love the style below. I will make a herringbone wooden floor, half panel walls and using the same dark green, but with loads of space.
My corner looks a mess, I have attached my lighting control box to the kitchen, and I will attach, my shop, my sewing room and the library, so each can be lit. I also plan to have a candle in my beach hut.

I am going on line to find the polished wood for the library shelves, and then later in the week, off to B&Q for the paint, Hobby craft for the mount board, I have all the floor tiles. The front I am going to have a clear sheet like I have on my kitchen, I want to be able to see in.


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