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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Start at the bottom

I have made a start on the wooden floor, 
I am using pre cut tiles for the outer edge, these I had in my stash.
 I always lay my flooring on card, it helps me keep every thing neat, and should I require access, I can slide the card out. I have glued the outer band, and just laid a few tiles to show the herringbone style I love for the middle. I would like to have a thin dark wood band between the outer and inner tiles.
 I'm not as far forward as I wanted to be, I have packed my stash of used tiles away and can't find them, this afternoon I will have another look for them. I still need to purchase the wood required for the book shelves and wall panels, and the paint.
 I did put the 1st level of mount board along the back wall, the door has been cut into the board, I still have to build both sides to create the alcoves.
The light above was purchased from Ray Storey, his work is fantastic, it hung in my basement kitchen, but I wanted to use them again, along with all the  lamps I have.
I hope to have time this week to be able to do more, I still have the lighting system to connect to my other room boxes.
Can I point you all to a new website being run by Laura, she has started Insh Miniatures and amongst the normal items for sale, she has loads of hand made items, including 2 hand stitched rugs by me, please visit and support this new venture.


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