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Monday, 20 May 2013

New floor from old

I am now looking at doing the floor, in Somerset House I did a wood block floor, which I glued to cardboard, so I could still get to the lighting. I saved the floor cards, just in case. 
I have decided to reuse these, my new project has a very large floor space, and as each room was a slightly different shade I could not just put them together.
 So to reuse the blocks, I laid wet paper kitchen towel over the under side card, and when it was mushy I scraped the card away from the blocks. It did not take long for the card to get soaked.
 I am left with the blocks still stuck together, but whilst still damp I am able to separate them, I need loads so I have three floors to break down. I will mix the colours together, and reattach to new card board templates.
Not all the blocks can be used, I have have enough to do the main floor at no cost to me. So I am going back to my task, once I have all single blocks again, I will have to wait until they are dry and then stick them and sand them.
It's not the best task, but once done I will be really chuffed.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Colour my world

I am really having issues with my new build, there are no designs, I am doing every thing from scratch, and that's my problem, because I do not have a building, I can not decide what I will put inside, and therefore I can't build my project.
 So I decided it was time for colour, and I went modern and bright, starting on the lower section I painted what I had. A jet black shiny door, with white frames. I have been thinking Jade for a long time, for no reason than it's bright. the other walls are pale violet, I will have a natural wood floor.
 So what do you think, it does make a statement, and now it feels more like a building. I am thinking a shop in the big space, a posh shop.
 An office in this smaller space, bit I will finish the windows and the floor 1st, it's a huge space to fill.
I would still like to have a glass front, like a studio, all the natural light.

I have been looking at every thing I have collected and there are some beautiful bits, which I can't part with so I am thinking an antiques shop, to show off my nicer bits, with an apartment above and a courtyard space.
I have so many things I can reuse, which I would love to see on display.
Slowly it is coming together...

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

In print

 This is very exciting, I decided to use my blog to produce a book
Somerset House is gone, but not forgotten

Just a couple views from inside, a complete record of the house and contents, I was so pleased reading through it, it's just an indulgence for me, I did add in a final chapter my projects room boxes. Every thing in one place.
I use a company called Blurb, through them you download your blog into a book, you then design each page using text and photo's from your blog. It's simple to use, allows you to add more photo's or text.

I have three other books for my other blog Poppy Patchwork


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