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Monday, 29 November 2010

Bleak House

I have been following loads of your blogs and you are all thinking of how you are going to decorate your houses and projects this christmas, well I am having a bleak time here.

Somerset house is set in 1810-1820, thus before the christmas tree was place in the home, and The Georgians had very little decorations.

My toy shop has no room for a tree and decorations, I have tried in previous years.

My childhood kitchen, my mum would never allow decorations in here.

So I'm stumped, I think decorations here will have to be on just the big scale, unless I come up with a plan for another project, or should I just ignore the period of my house and put a tree in there anyway, I did have a tree the first christmas, but realised it was Victorian not Georgian and I have always checked the timeline of items to ensure everything is right.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Day and Night

Last weekend the clocks went back, so it now gets dark here an hour early.
I love this time of year, you get home to a bright warm house.

This includes my office, I love to light my projects,
I often sit in my office whilst on my computer with the main office light off
and just the mini lights on.

Below I have all the lights on but with my remote control lights
I can choose what to have on at any time, click on this link to see how I managed to create this.

This photo below does not show how good the house looks in the dark.

I am going to add bricks to the side of Somerset house today, a job which should have been finished along time ago.

I also want to move my shelves down so my rooms boxes are eye level, at this time they are a bit high, I will have to search for another place to keep my Xyron cutter which I use for my card making.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A mini day at last....

Yesterday I was feeling really good, 1st time for a while.

So I spent the afternoon inside Somerset house, I was able to plug in all my lamps, in each room I have placed a socket in each corner, this enable me to change lamps and to add things without having to go to the lighting controls at the back of the house, since I brought this system I have found this very use full. The rooms are all tidy since the house move, I have not changed anything around, just took out a few summer things. I am also pleased since the move I have resisted using this area to dump things and it's staying tidy.
One job I have to finish is putting the card bricks up the side of the house, I did get them out yesterday but did not start them, but I'm not going to pack them away, I have a plumber in tomorrow and will have a go whilst he is working in the sitting and dining rooms attaching our new radiators to our system.


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