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Thursday, 28 May 2009


This is the lighting system for my house, the photo's are not that good, I did not move the house too far from the wall, so I had limited space. I brought this product from Here three years ago, I am not sure if they still sell this design. But there are other makes on the market.

The remote control is very good it is in three sections, no's 1 - 14 will take a flicker unit, but I have not bothered with one. No's 15 -26 will allow me to dim the lights, when you press the pad for a few extra seconds the bulbs dim by almost 50 %. No's 27 -30 are the heavy duty ones which allows you to have loads of bulbs on one pad. All the other pads take up to 4 bulbs per pad.

I have a box on the back of my house, into which I split the wire and put into two slots, see photo below. It looks chaos, but it is in order by floor and room, each room I have one fire, two sockets and either wall lights or a ceiling light, each is wired separately so I can control each light. As I said last time by putting two sockets in each room I am able to change things without having to touch the back wiring system.
The wires go into little blocks, and I then plug in the transformer. every thing is fused and therefore safe. I love this system it allows me to change the lighting to suit my moods, I do not have all the lights on that ofter, i think it gives the project the true feel of the house as it would have been, remembering it was before electricity.

One other question, the ceiling in the dining room was created by using textured wrapping paper, I painted it white, cut it to size and stuck it on.


  1. Very clever.

    Your link isn't working though...could you post the website name so I could have a look...or the name of the unit.

    It looks very interesting.

    Thanks, Jayne

  2. Marlene, that looks just like the back of my house with all the wires and the writing next to them. Except I don't have this nifty device you've got. It certainly looks interesting! Thanks for the link!

    Jayne, there's one http// too many in the link, if you remove it from the address you will get to the company.

  3. The link is sorted, I'm glad you liked the blog, it is food for thought.
    I would never use any other system, they are not cheap but you only need one, that is one per house


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