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Monday, 11 May 2009

The Study

This is my final room on the ground floor, it's a study library, I made the half panel wall and book case and stained them to match with the floor and door. The green paint is correct for the date. The rug in front of the fire was the first I hand stitched for this house. The books have been brought from sites and shows, I even have 2 Spanish ones we found in Spain a couple of years ago. On the desk sits his book and magnifying glass, he is studying the human body. Each light works separately,and in each room I have placed a socket in each corner at the back, this allows me to change items without touching the main wring at the back and all the fires are independently lit.

Here I have started doing a woodblock floor, this is for a friends house, but it shows how I achieve the finished item, by placing on card it is a much easier task and I am able to take out the floors if I want to get to the room below ceiling lights. It is a long hard task, trying to keep the blocks straight and close together, after they are all placed I will varnish with a satin finish, these do not require any extra colour.
I try to place items around the house to show a family live here, it's harder to show male items, I have the top hat on the hall table and here in the bath room I have the smallest of shaving brushes. Most of the decorative items I love are for females, so its a bonus to find something nice for the man of the house.

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