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Friday, 15 May 2009

1st Floor

We are now on the first floor, this is the area of the house where the lady of the house has more influence in the decoration, above is the dining room, very formal, and loads of space to show their wealth, the cabinets hold silver and glass items. The dining table, chairs and main cabinet are from the Glen Owen range. In the forefront is a wine cooler with bottle of wine and ice a very modern item. Many dining rooms had a screen in the corner with a pot for people to relieve themselves whilst eating, but I have decided I do not need to be that correct. The mat I have sewn myself. I have a few items I really love in this room the Tantalus and the Cranberry glass are featured in a previous blog, tiny delights.

The sitting room below has been created around the bespaqe suit of furniture, I love the half wallpaper. I have not sewn a rug for this room, I have not seen one I like, I think I am going to have to create a design myself, I will want a square design, whilst most are oblong and to small for my requirements. The mirror I made the same way as in the ball room, I just cut it smaller. I love my work box with the cotton reels and scissors. I also love the butlers table in the front, it is a table with a tray on the top, the butler would bring the tea items into the room and place on the table and use the tray top to serve everyone. I brought this second hand from a local shop, it was still expensive, but I love the style of it. I also love the bird cage this was brought from the Glenn Owen range.

The lighting on this level are all candles, and on a daily basis only a couple would be lit. I still have a few items in mind for these rooms, as we always say nothing is ever finished. The papered ceilings in both room, has be created from a textured wrapping paper, I painted it white and the glued it to the ceilings.


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