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Sunday, 23 September 2012


 The railing were alot easier to put together than I first thought, I decided to drill them into the pavement rather than have them on a ridge, I was unable to find anything which looked right as the ridge. Because I have gone away from the kit, I am doing this as I go along, finding solutions and hopefully not many problems.
 The first thing I did was to stop the steps to the house moving, I drilled through the bottom step and the pavement, using a post with a longer bottom, to hold it all together, so simple and so effective. I used a ink pad to mark where to drill holes.
 The holes are not to near the back of the pavement so every thing is safe, I cut down the post for the house steps, so every thing would match.
 I still have loads to do, I have to sort the post for the other side of the house steps, once I have sorted them I shall glue all the post in place, I did think I would use a chain to link each post from step to step, but it's not needed. The railings do look good, they will hold them selves up, without having to add anything. I will have some over, but I have no plans for using them.
I now have to decide if I want to paint the rails around the terrace garden, white or shiny black, I will have to think about it.
I will try and make time for my house, I have enjoyed this afternoon, I promise not to make you wait so long for my next post.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

A show

 We had a local show today, there were about 20 stalls, lose 2 selling just houses and a few more for furniture, we had a dozen to look at. I do love this basket, such summery colours.
 I knew where it was going, matches the deck chair in the front of the beach hut.
 I replaced the silver, 
this set is the correct period and looks nicer than I had before, 
the old set can go in the back of the butlers room. 
 More cakes, I love to move them around and see different things, 
I also want to make a picnic for the beach hut so I can swap and change.
I loved this trug, and added the roses
  I also got games from Sheppard Miniatures, but they are already in the toy shop.
 Looking through the toy shop window, above for boys and below for girls.
 A new project
 At Christmas, we enjoyed two wonderful bottles of wine, and I have kept this box, not sure what to make, well here goes, I want to cut a hole in the back, big enough for mice. and much like the borrowers, I want a couple of mice living inside, and every thing made from things stolen from our house, so not 12 scale,
Very different for me, fun, allowing me to play, I have cotton reels, boxes, bits of material, I want them to be comfortable, I also need to scan the net for the mice, a bit like Narnia, talking mice wearing clothes, all very fantasy.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Made in the USA

 The post man delivered me a parcel yesterday and here are the contents,
These clothes were hand made by Connie from It's a Mini Life
she shows on her blog how she makes these items, and is very clever.
 The bedding below is great, I do not have enough bedding on my beds, I love both the fabric patterns.
 Some wallpaper, 
Connie has looked at the era of my house 1820's and matched this paper to the correct era, 
I have a couple of places I can use this.
 A challenge, I love the pink linen, not a colour I would purchase, but I will use it.
 Beautiful hankies, I love using hankies in my house, they are a great size and texture.
 This magazine is from last October.
 But inside is 5 pages showing Connie's apartment block with good photos, by having 5 different flats, she has a mixture of styles and it's very colourful.
I have not done much more to my house, but with a 4 day weekend starting on Friday, I hope to be able to do things, my husband has promised to help with the roof area, I need to cut holes for dorma windows, and a large window for access to the roof top. Once I have sorted this I can complete the attic rooms.

But I will placing all my lovely items in their new home. Thanks Connie, hope you like my parcel.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

And the winner is

Better late than never, sorry for the delay......

trying to make this exciting.......

Thanks to hubby for doing the draw..................

The winner is.........

Toni, from Maravillosas Minis

so the Laburnum Kit is on it's way to Spain, I can't wait to see it made, and of course I will add a few extra's. Toni, please send me your address and I can pop this into the post for you.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

I'm late.............

This is my kit, I am sending out, I will pull a name from the hat on Saturday, please watch this space...........
it will be worth it.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Vote for Otterine

Last July I posted about a site I thought truly great, Brae is a perfectest, her work stunning you can see from her blog here she keeps her blog just for her miniature work, and explains in simple terms with loads of photo's.
The awards are running again for the best miniature blog and you can cast your vote here, please visit and cast your vote and I will keep my fingers crossed for Brae

This is my 100 post, I do not post as much about my miniatures as I do about my stitching but I have a love for both.

I am for my 100 post having a giveaway with a difference, this is to thank my 217 followers for their loyal support,comments and help over the 3 years I have been here so please do not tell anyone on your blog, I'm not after more followers who want to win something , just leave a comment here, if you would like a kit, you have to make it your self, it's for the garden or the street outside your house, it's a small tree kit, I will leave this until 1st March, when I will select the winner and show you what you have won, I am happy to post anywhere in the world.

PS Christine who won the rug I made in August it's still here waiting for you, my e-mail is on my profile page, I need your address.

Good luck.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Attic space and bedrooms...............

 I have sorted furniture for the maids room, many items I have had for ages, the iron bed and the bed cover has been waiting a couple of years for this room to go together, Fliss gave me the wash stand, and the bonnet was purchased a couple of years ago, I have always wanted this bonnet to be on show as the maids most prized possession. The room is made smaller by not having the full depth, I have another fake wall at the back, with a rag rug on the floor, I won't have much more to add here

This is going to be a nursery room with day beds in, but as you can see I have to buy/make alot to go in this room, the beds I want older than 1820, I want these to be from the parents time.
 On the floor below, I have change to daughter's room, I have moved the bed to the other wall and took the drawers from the green room, these fit in the corner, I still need to dress this room, the daughter is grown up and has visited Paris, which she loved.
 I have put both these pieces in here, both made by the same local craftsman, and both correct for the period, I am still looking for a nice hip bath, I am happy to wait until I find a nice enough one, which I can afford. I have a bath with claw foots I put in for now, which is totally incorrect.
 The master green room, I have not done much with, I have put the desk to the back of the room, I love the green bench seat, which now we can see more. I also have the bigger chest of drawers near the door, this is another hand made piece, which should be at the front where we can see it, but I love the sea chest, and that looks better in front.
There is a good show in April, down in The New Forest, I hope to be well enough to go, so now I have a list of things I would like to get, and I can feel a visit to a couple of local shops.

This is my 99th post, so I will have a give away for my followers next time, I have a kit in mind, if you are up for a challenge.

Watch this space.

Sunday, 8 January 2012


 We went to Fort Nelson 

I loved these buckets, in a row, neat and ready, below is a bucket I am wanting for Somerset House, I saw one once at a show and decided not to buy it and I have never seen one I liked since.

 The Victorian Kitchen was great.

The bunk room, where they lived, slept and ate.


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