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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Attic space and bedrooms...............

 I have sorted furniture for the maids room, many items I have had for ages, the iron bed and the bed cover has been waiting a couple of years for this room to go together, Fliss gave me the wash stand, and the bonnet was purchased a couple of years ago, I have always wanted this bonnet to be on show as the maids most prized possession. The room is made smaller by not having the full depth, I have another fake wall at the back, with a rag rug on the floor, I won't have much more to add here

This is going to be a nursery room with day beds in, but as you can see I have to buy/make alot to go in this room, the beds I want older than 1820, I want these to be from the parents time.
 On the floor below, I have change to daughter's room, I have moved the bed to the other wall and took the drawers from the green room, these fit in the corner, I still need to dress this room, the daughter is grown up and has visited Paris, which she loved.
 I have put both these pieces in here, both made by the same local craftsman, and both correct for the period, I am still looking for a nice hip bath, I am happy to wait until I find a nice enough one, which I can afford. I have a bath with claw foots I put in for now, which is totally incorrect.
 The master green room, I have not done much with, I have put the desk to the back of the room, I love the green bench seat, which now we can see more. I also have the bigger chest of drawers near the door, this is another hand made piece, which should be at the front where we can see it, but I love the sea chest, and that looks better in front.
There is a good show in April, down in The New Forest, I hope to be well enough to go, so now I have a list of things I would like to get, and I can feel a visit to a couple of local shops.

This is my 99th post, so I will have a give away for my followers next time, I have a kit in mind, if you are up for a challenge.

Watch this space.


  1. It looks like we're both at the same stage with the attic spaces. It's good for the pocket that these spaces are small and don't need much in the way of furnishing!

    It's nice of have a shift around of furniture (in real life as well) and I like the bed in your last pic very much.

  2. Estas haciendo un fantastico trabajo.
    Seguro que en la proxima feria encontraras piezas que te sirvan para la decoracion.
    besitos ascension

  3. Fantastic rooms. I like the colors. The blankets are beautiul.
    Bye Faby

  4. It's looking beautiful, Marlene. I agree that the sea chest is something very special, and is better seen at the front :) I love the internal stories you have for the people who live here -- I think it adds so much to a project to personalize it that way.

  5. The house looks wonderful - I love the quilt in the maids room
    Julie xxxxxxx

  6. Ooh Marlene, Somerset House looks lovely. Love the furniture and you can really imagine this house lived in with all the family members and staff. Love your bed cover in the maids room :)

  7. Any maid would love the black iron bed. Love the mattress & the quilt.
    Looks good!


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