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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Almost, but not quiet

I had good plans for my mini corner this afternoon
 I was going to get hubby to cut the ceiling board, and add this paper, I would then paint it white. I have used this paper in Somerset House it makes the ceiling look great.
I also wanted to lay the floor, I have found my wooden blocks and purchased a flat piece of black leather to use, my plans were set, by this time my corner would look tidy.
 I have also made another mini rug, 
not for this project, 
I have all the rugs I require, 
but as a gift for Laura it will fit in a project she is working on. 
 Oliver came to visit, so a few hours of fun and no mini work done, he is so cute he is forgiven.
I have Wednesday afternoon at home waiting for a delivery, so I will have a mini afternoon. I would like to have the floor done and paint the walls, the ceiling will have to be done next weekend.
With stitching and gardening my mini time is limited.


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