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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Just a bit more

I have been working on the pavement tonight, I have painted the front, it will match the lower house colour when it's finished. I have added the ridge where I want to set the railings in, I have left a bit extra in front of the steps, this should keep the steps in place.
The side panel is in place, every where needs a top coat of paint.

I am leaning towards painting the pavement black to look like tarmac, it was invented in 1820's, but I worried the dust will get into it and spoil the look in time, I don't want heavy paving slabs or paper on top, which leaves me with tarmac or soil, neither is very inspiring. There is very little I can put on the pavement, lighting was gas and mainly next to the house or above the railings. Postboxes are Victorian, much later.


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