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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Can we fix it

This morning, we cut the board for the front of my house,so when these are put together, it will be the raised pavement, all we did was measure, cut and sand each piece.

I then glued the top to the front and added all the supports. It was a perfect day to glue the board, hot and sunny, so it set quickly, our garden table was the best place to work, in the shade. I put in loads of supports to keep the pavement straight.
The raised pavement looks good with the house steps, I have a hole each side of each step, for the shortened post, I have placed one post in the bottom hole for you to see.

The railings will stand at the back of the pavement, along with the gate. I am going to put a small moulding for the railings to stand in. That's a trip to the DIY store tomorrow. There will be steps going down to the kitchen door in front of the gate.

The view so far, This is exactly how I wanted my house to look, I have a courtyard, outside of the kitchen windows, I have not decided what to put in this area, maybe a seat and some flowers.
I still have loads to do, I have the side pieces to fit into place, I then have to paint all the new items, before I do, I want to go on the net to find out how the Georgian pavements were finished, were they dirt, paving stones, I'm not sure. I hope by the end of this weekend to have it all done and my railings in place.
When I want to look at the kitchen, I will just lift the steps and the pavement away from the house.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Home improvments

This is Montgomery Hall, as sold by Doll's House Emporium, it's the only kit I have brought, not the most expensive, but a price I could afford at the time. I knew I would change loads about it, I never have in my life followed instructions, almost always feeling I can improve on the design. I have always hated the pavement and steps on this house, but I loved the room sizes and layout.

I have my railings and post, and have been busy with them, I drilled two holes in the full length post and the railings fit into them, I will set the post into the pavement's. I have also taken 18 of the post ans cut them down, I have 9 steps from the pavement to the front door, I will drill a hole each side of the step and set these shortened post in.

The house below, is a Sid Cooke house and it shows the pavement I am trying to create, my railings will have post not pillars.

Later today I will mark out my board and then get Kev to cut it, I have to make the front board and pavement which will be in one piece each, and then each side. When I want to move the pavement to get into my house The whole piece will just lift off, leaving the kitchen in full view.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Railings and goodies

My metal railings came from e-bay today, and they are better than expected. I have 9 panels, one gate and loads of post. They feel sturdy and well made, I still can't believe the price I paid for them, it really is worth holding out until you get what you want. Each one has been hand made and it shows.

I now have to make a raised pavement, on which I will put the railings, overlooking a courtyard in front of the kitchen. I am totally restyling the front of my house, I have always loved the rooms in this house but hated the steps going up to the front door. I will still have steps, but there are less and they drop straight to the pavement, before they went right and left and dropped down to the baseboard of the house.
The railings have a straight top, whilst the gate has a curved top, the gate is for the steps at the side of the house going down to the back door. I have loads of post, I intend to cut them down see photo below and put one each side of the steps going up to the front door. So every thing will match.

I now need to buy wood and measure to make the raised pavement. The attic is coming along well, I have not yet added the windows and the front part of the roof. I have a carpenter friend who is making the window dormer's, but he's busy at the mo, so I have to wait for him. I'm not good at putting things in a straight line.

As for the goodies, Fliss my daughter got a cheap house from Maple Leaf, it was horrible and nasty, she has given me all the doors windows, and everything she had brought for the inside, so I now have a hoard of goodies, and I'm now thinking of another room box project.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I can't wait

Today I am so excited, I found some metal railings on e-bay for the house.

The photo is not very good, but it does show what is for sale, I love the black set, bottom left in photo, and I have ordered, 8 sets, with post and a single gate, all for much under half price, I have had quotes for doing the railings but could never afford it. The sellers dad made these items, his business was From Little Acorns, at the time he did shows all over the UK.

Dee has lights and also plastic window sheets, her seller ref is flusteredgirl, so if you want a bargain check her out, I will be keeping an eye on her for other items. I normally don't buy much on e-bay, I have been disappointed so often when things arrive.

Now I need the postman to call.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A new home

When I sent the 1st prize to Bea, who lives in Spain, I asked her for some photo's, she does not have a blog. So below is some of the images she has sent to me.

Tiger skin rug looks very good in the front, in her sitting room, this is an interesting room, I love her family.

I also sent her a couple of pages of things to make for Easter, there are a couple of boxes in the children's room.

I sent two rabbits, which Bea has use for pets in the house. There were other photo's but I have just used three, I looked for my photo of the items, but I can't find it, I'm sure I took one,.


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