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Sunday, 3 April 2011

A new home

When I sent the 1st prize to Bea, who lives in Spain, I asked her for some photo's, she does not have a blog. So below is some of the images she has sent to me.

Tiger skin rug looks very good in the front, in her sitting room, this is an interesting room, I love her family.

I also sent her a couple of pages of things to make for Easter, there are a couple of boxes in the children's room.

I sent two rabbits, which Bea has use for pets in the house. There were other photo's but I have just used three, I looked for my photo of the items, but I can't find it, I'm sure I took one,.

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  1. The rug looks really good and the rabbits are so cute. Thanks for posting the photos up. You've changed your blog too - nice.


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