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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Can we fix it

This morning, we cut the board for the front of my house,so when these are put together, it will be the raised pavement, all we did was measure, cut and sand each piece.

I then glued the top to the front and added all the supports. It was a perfect day to glue the board, hot and sunny, so it set quickly, our garden table was the best place to work, in the shade. I put in loads of supports to keep the pavement straight.
The raised pavement looks good with the house steps, I have a hole each side of each step, for the shortened post, I have placed one post in the bottom hole for you to see.

The railings will stand at the back of the pavement, along with the gate. I am going to put a small moulding for the railings to stand in. That's a trip to the DIY store tomorrow. There will be steps going down to the kitchen door in front of the gate.

The view so far, This is exactly how I wanted my house to look, I have a courtyard, outside of the kitchen windows, I have not decided what to put in this area, maybe a seat and some flowers.
I still have loads to do, I have the side pieces to fit into place, I then have to paint all the new items, before I do, I want to go on the net to find out how the Georgian pavements were finished, were they dirt, paving stones, I'm not sure. I hope by the end of this weekend to have it all done and my railings in place.
When I want to look at the kitchen, I will just lift the steps and the pavement away from the house.


  1. This is going to look so nice!!! Cant wait to see it completed. I just love the steps - once the railings are put on then the whole house is going to pop. When are we gonna tour room by room. I wanna see that kitchen.

  2. This is coming along really nicely Marlene - looks so different already :)


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