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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Railings and goodies

My metal railings came from e-bay today, and they are better than expected. I have 9 panels, one gate and loads of post. They feel sturdy and well made, I still can't believe the price I paid for them, it really is worth holding out until you get what you want. Each one has been hand made and it shows.

I now have to make a raised pavement, on which I will put the railings, overlooking a courtyard in front of the kitchen. I am totally restyling the front of my house, I have always loved the rooms in this house but hated the steps going up to the front door. I will still have steps, but there are less and they drop straight to the pavement, before they went right and left and dropped down to the baseboard of the house.
The railings have a straight top, whilst the gate has a curved top, the gate is for the steps at the side of the house going down to the back door. I have loads of post, I intend to cut them down see photo below and put one each side of the steps going up to the front door. So every thing will match.

I now need to buy wood and measure to make the raised pavement. The attic is coming along well, I have not yet added the windows and the front part of the roof. I have a carpenter friend who is making the window dormer's, but he's busy at the mo, so I have to wait for him. I'm not good at putting things in a straight line.

As for the goodies, Fliss my daughter got a cheap house from Maple Leaf, it was horrible and nasty, she has given me all the doors windows, and everything she had brought for the inside, so I now have a hoard of goodies, and I'm now thinking of another room box project.

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  1. Those railings are just to die for! They are going to look so great once you finish. Cant hardly wait to see it all up.


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