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Sunday, 24 June 2012

A show

 We had a local show today, there were about 20 stalls, lose 2 selling just houses and a few more for furniture, we had a dozen to look at. I do love this basket, such summery colours.
 I knew where it was going, matches the deck chair in the front of the beach hut.
 I replaced the silver, 
this set is the correct period and looks nicer than I had before, 
the old set can go in the back of the butlers room. 
 More cakes, I love to move them around and see different things, 
I also want to make a picnic for the beach hut so I can swap and change.
I loved this trug, and added the roses
  I also got games from Sheppard Miniatures, but they are already in the toy shop.
 Looking through the toy shop window, above for boys and below for girls.
 A new project
 At Christmas, we enjoyed two wonderful bottles of wine, and I have kept this box, not sure what to make, well here goes, I want to cut a hole in the back, big enough for mice. and much like the borrowers, I want a couple of mice living inside, and every thing made from things stolen from our house, so not 12 scale,
Very different for me, fun, allowing me to play, I have cotton reels, boxes, bits of material, I want them to be comfortable, I also need to scan the net for the mice, a bit like Narnia, talking mice wearing clothes, all very fantasy.


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