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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Made in the USA

 The post man delivered me a parcel yesterday and here are the contents,
These clothes were hand made by Connie from It's a Mini Life
she shows on her blog how she makes these items, and is very clever.
 The bedding below is great, I do not have enough bedding on my beds, I love both the fabric patterns.
 Some wallpaper, 
Connie has looked at the era of my house 1820's and matched this paper to the correct era, 
I have a couple of places I can use this.
 A challenge, I love the pink linen, not a colour I would purchase, but I will use it.
 Beautiful hankies, I love using hankies in my house, they are a great size and texture.
 This magazine is from last October.
 But inside is 5 pages showing Connie's apartment block with good photos, by having 5 different flats, she has a mixture of styles and it's very colourful.
I have not done much more to my house, but with a 4 day weekend starting on Friday, I hope to be able to do things, my husband has promised to help with the roof area, I need to cut holes for dorma windows, and a large window for access to the roof top. Once I have sorted this I can complete the attic rooms.

But I will placing all my lovely items in their new home. Thanks Connie, hope you like my parcel.


  1. is a pleasure for me to find new blogs! I didn't know your blog, now I'm happy to be your follower! your gifts are very beautiful!

  2. Isn't it fun getting minis in the mail? Mini magazines, dollhouse miniatures, it's all fun when it comes in the mailbox! I love winning giveaways for that very reason. ;-) I've got an 8-week, 8-prize miniatures blog giveaway going now. Welcome to join the giveaway! www.plushpussycat.com :-) Jennifer

  3. ooohhh que delicada es esa ropita!!!!


  4. Such a fun parcel!! So many wonderful things-- I especially like the white hankies. I recently bought a couple very similar to yours for my dollhouse. Hankies are so useful in dolls houses, aren't they?!

  5. Hi Marlene. You have won my giveaway! Please email me with your address details. Thanks. x

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