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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Its dark outside

It's late and dark so I thought I would take some photos of my house with the lights on

This view of the whole house shows the lighting at it's best, the bedrooms only have the fire place and candles, not alot of money would have been spent here.
You can see the bathroom, but also the hall behind, when I put in the false wall,
I left enough space for a hall, added a rug, table and lamp.

These two photo's show my dining room with the different lights on.

In the top photo I have the wall candles and the center chandelier on.
In the bottom photo I have just the wall candles on.
The fire is on in both settings but the table has blocked the view.

In each room in my house I have wired separately the fireplace, ceiling light if there is one in place, and in each back corner I have put a socket. This allows me to change the lamps without having to touch the main wiring system. I use a remote control for each of the 30 wiring points. There is no copper tape just loads of wires, which screw into the main box, so no soldering.
When I next move the house, which is not often I will take a photo for you to see.


  1. Wowee! My husband and I have been discussing wiring lately and I will have to let him know you used a remote. He is a remote junkie and will love that idea! Love the dining room ceiling! -ara

  2. Just stunning! I'm still trying to figure out the best way to wire my house, and would be very interested in anything else you have to say about your wiring setup. I love the thought of a remote control!

  3. I, too, would love to know more about your wiring system! I use a combination of wire and tape. But I would love to use just a simple all wire technique without solder! I have a fairy house that I am doing that way but it is very simple with little lights I wired on plugs. Nothing like yours I would think.

  4. Thank you for putting a link for lighting in America, I only know British companies.


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