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Friday, 29 May 2009

Around the house

I would like to thank you for your comments regarding the lights within Somerset House.
I am pleased with their effect, and I love to sit here with the lights on at night
and just gaze at the effects.
Below are more images,
I would also like you to know the reason for the name of my house,
I was born and raised in a small village in the heart of Somerset, Cannington
I have lived in a couple of nice towns there.
14 years ago we moved to Hampshire, but my heart will always be in Somerset.

Above is the view of the back hall through the bath room, showing the oil lamp on the table, normally the door is not opened this far.
Below is the candles in the sitting room
when they are home without visitors they would only light a couple of candles,
I watched a historic programme on the BBC, which showed two ladies living together, and thought the evening they would blow out a candle and then light a second candle,
so they would burn to the same length,

Above is the desk in the study, he is reading a book on anatomy, with a magnifying glass to help with the sketches. This room only has lamps I wanted it to look old world, as if the master had his money for years, rather than new rich.
Below is the kitchen, with the range lit

The last house picture is my basement, just a candle here amongst the bottles and keg of wines.

I have loads of building work to do, street level and all the roof space, but below is the reason it is all on hold our real house, yep the big one is up for sale, and we are almost at closing stage.
We have had the offer, just a bit short of what we want, if the survey comes out Ok then we are expecting the full offer, fingers crossed. But then I will have to pack everything up for moving.


  1. Oh, everything is so pretty! I love the little history about the two ladies living together and blowing out candles so they burn evenly. So interesting! Good luck with your move!

    Also a note to let you know that I've tagged you! Please visit my blog for all the details and have fun!

  2. Oh I luv your real house!
    I think the homes in England are just so cute, so different from ours here, I know some are quite small, but I like that idea especially if it is cold!
    My house is quite big, just a little too big for us now, although I have filled it up! lol


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