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Monday, 1 June 2009

Modern kitchen's

Tonight I wanted to show you my kitchen room box.
I loved creating the kitchen in my main house, but whilst I looked for all the period items, I loved the tiny packages, so the idea for a more modern kitchen hatched, I decided I would make a tribute to my mum, our family life buzzed around our kitchen, and this is not a copy, but I have stayed with the simple lines.

This is only a part of the kitchen, I wanted for the first time to create a space outside, so we have a yard, my childhood garden was huge, my own daughters when they were small called it nanny's field and that was just the top half with the fruit tree's in.
The picture above the larder door is my mum , me and my younger sister.

Here is a closer view, I have Cati on the window sill, that's my love as is the cat,
our window and back door was always open, and these are the same design.
Mum's slippers were always close by.
The mouse trap was always under the table, I never saw a mouse in the house.
I remember having a boiler on the wall for our hot water.

Here I removed the back wall to show you the yard,
lolly sticks for the fence and a paint job on cardboard for the paving stones in the yard.
The ivy on the fence came from a card shop, the animals are by Peter Cook.
The tea towel, I made myself.
My artwork for clouds and flying birds is very basic, but you normally only glance at it through the back door.

The larder is very like the one we had, with a marble shelf to help keep things cool.
The packages are all ones I remember, there were always tins and pots on the floor.
I love the carpet sweeper and we loved it when we were able to use it for real in the house.

The gloves hanging on the chair was made for me by Fliss my daughter,
who has so many talents, I was allowed to choose the colours.

My final photo is of the table, the blue radio, was made by a company called Robert's,
I have a real size green one, it does work but due to the many changes in the radio bands,
I can't find anything good to listen to.
I have set the table for breakfast,
cornflakes, toast and jam, with a cup of tea.


  1. Wonderful! I love that you can see out the back door to the yard! We had one of those meat grinders when I was young. My Mom used it all the time! There is so much to see here- just terrific!

  2. beautiful! such a cozy kitchen. I would definitely been happy to have lived here :) -ara

  3. What a homey kitchen! You've put in so many wonderful details . . . what memories for you! I love that you added on the back yard with the birds flying overhead . . . too cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I just love this scene. It brings back a lot of memories. My mother and my grandmother both had one of those meat gringers that you clamp to the table. The light in the pantry is also great - looks just like a light bulb light.

  5. We call them a food mincer, I hated using ours at home, the handel turns on this one. I wanted just a light bulb hanging in the cupboard, mu mum had a lamp shade on every bulb in the house.


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