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Thursday, 25 June 2009

45 and counting

Today I have signed on to view all your lovely blogs,
have been off work this week unwell,
and it's been great to see what everyone has been doing.
To my amazement I now find I have 45 followers, and almost 3,000 hits.
So the beautiful pink roses are for each and every one of you
Your sites bring a smile to my face, I love our little family.

My blog is my record of a house and my projects, I do print each blog and put it into a book so I can keep it with my house and pass on the two together. That's a hint to our kids, we want more grandchildren and a little girl would be very nice. We have Joshy who is almost 4 (not 3 1/2 ) who is cute and perfect in every way.

Here are my all time favorite flowers, a field with poppies, daises and cornflowers,
I love it when we drive throught the country side past fields, I always look at the edge not the crop, it's far more intersting.
I grew up in Somerset, and my mum would always put wild flowers in a jug on her kitchen window sill.

Hope you all have a happy, peacful and loving day

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  1. Thank you for the pink roses, Marlene, it's a pleasure to be following along. I hope that you'll be on the mend soon!

    Take care,



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