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Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Down the pub

I've been out tonight, down at the pub, which is not normal for me I don't drink much.
This is a special pub, created by my friend Ann, whilst growing up, her parents owned a pub.
Ann has created in a room box a little taste of an English pub.

Ann has brought some wonderful people to place in the box, I do not like dolls in my house or room boxes, but Ann loves them, I think the lady below is wonderful, she was residing in our local dolls house shop, until on a day trip she followed Ann home. She looks very happy in the bar.

A view through the window, even the outside looks real, very "old world". I hope you enjoyed this blog, it has been nice to show someone else's work. Ann is picking up the computer, so hopefully she will be blogging soon.

Below is my beloved Roberts radio, it's over 30 years old, on the top is the mini radio, I love the paint splashes on the big green radio, such fun we had doing up houses along the way.

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  1. I was also brought up in a pub, and I have a special affection for the the interiors of old pubs, including cellars, store rooms and all the ephemera hidden behind the bar, however - as I was scanning your post and misread the first part - I thought it said that she had created a pub in her box room, which struck me as a brilliant idea, and I mentally started planning my own private hostelry, upstairs, in a 5 foot square walk in cupboard.


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