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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Sitting Room

Today I wanted to show you around my sitting room in detail, I am very please with the results.
The floor is herringbone wooden tiles as in the Hall, Ball and dining rooms, which I hand laid myself onto light card. The chandelier I got from e-bay, but they are common enough. The mirror I made by cutting 2 window frames and placing the decorative bits together and then stuck them to a mirror card. The paper on the ceiling is gift wrap paper which I have painted white. The fire place is in the style of Adams a famous designer of the time, the fire does light up.

Things to finish here, I want a better fire fender, and a companion set. I would like to stitch a rug, but I'm working on something big and non-mini at this point.

I also wanted to show you some of my finds, which sit in the room well
The bird cage below, with birds in is a Glen Owen, I just love the style

The furniture below has a second chair but I did not want to clutter the picture, it's a Bespaq and made beautifully, I fell in love with it, it was brought on e-bay, I do watch e-bay but I'm very careful so often what you buy is not the quality it seams, and in reality it's best to shop where you can touch the item and get a feel for it.

This table is my super find, I brought it second hand from my favorite dolls house shop, we are lucky we have three shops with in driving distance, but my favorite is here
The top is a tray, which could be used by the butler for serving tea, I love the wood on the top and the edging, both so perfect, unfortnatly I do not know who made this, it was part of a house sale.I have also added the tea set, this is a cheap set, and who knows one day I might get better.

I hope you enjoyed my visit, We have sold our big house last week and I'm spending time house hunting, so mini's will be on the back burner.


  1. I look forward to seeing the room finished. I love the tea tray! I've saved a copy of the picture and maybe one day I'll have a go at trying to make something similar.

    Good luck house hunting!

  2. This room has so much potential. I cannot wait to see it finished. It's going to be fantastic! :-)

  3. Beautiful! You've given me an idea too! Think I'll look for some fat twigs that I can slice and make table tops from. Love the wood grain.
    I need to quit dreaming and start doing!

  4. You have some lovely things! The colors you've chosen for the sitting room are so pretty.

  5. This room looks so nice. I love the butlers tray. Hand laid wooden tile - wow that looks so nice! Your furniture suits the room perfectly. I just love it.


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