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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Chinese Room

This is my Chinese room
The owner has purchased the wonderful items on his trips to the east.

Sorry about the wonky photo, but it does look good,this is my ground floor reception room,
it can also be used as a ballroom, with music playing and on a sunny evening the french door open onto the courtyard garden.

The room was designed to be open space with furniture, I liked the idea that there is little clutter, maybe allowing you to think the room is bigger than it is.
The wonderful Chinese cabinet belongs to Fliss my daughter, but it does not go in her wartime house, so I have it on long term loan.

The Chinese rug I stitched
and the very fine cross stitch on the chair,
made for me as a special present,
its far to fine for my eyesight to stitch.

I am looking for a pattern to stitch for the chair seats. The table I made, I took the top from a cheap table, brought the legs at a show and used a gold peel off sticker for the rim.

The tall vase by the fire place I brought from Prague, I do try and find items when I am away for my house.

All the painting you see through out the house, I printed on card, added a frame and mounted myself. I would like some real art, but these will do for now.

The french doors I cut myself,
after the house was built
it's not really that hard,
I drew around the frame
drilled loads of little holes and then cut
I had to sand the hole to make it smooth and
after I added the door frame any wonky bits
were hidden.

That's the second time I've used wonky, what a lovely word.

This view from the court yard garden shows the large mirror I have on the wall, I brought two window frames and cut the tops and places together, backed them with mirror board, a nice large, lightweight cheap mirror, The light it reflects helps the room appear much larger.

My garden is not done, I have just placed a
few items, I have plant kits to make, but I
also have a florist and as soon as I have
finished anything I put it in my shop.
My idea is to make the garden seasonal
and put what I'm not using into my shop.

the green house will not stay, but I do love my fountain a Friend brought it for me as a gift.

I am very lucky, my daughter Fliss and my friend Ann both have houses.
My young niece also has a house and we all pass items to her.
I did go to a doll's house club, but I'm not keen on dolls and we spent alot of the time working with dolls. But the ladies of the club taught me some great skills.

I am trying to finger Tatt, I can do it,but as soon as I think this is going well I make a knot and I have to start again, who knows one day I might finish something and show you on here.


  1. Marlene, there's an award for you on my blog. Hop over and pick it up when you can. :-)

  2. I love your Chinese room! That cabinet is gorgeous! If you need some patterns for pillows, please let me know! I may have some that might work for you! We girls have to stick together you know! LOL!


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