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Monday, 25 May 2009

Bonus time

I am looking at the bonus items we find from our world that sit in our mini world.
we all know the joy when out shopping to spot an item which would sit in our projects so well,
Here are a few of mine.

We all use hankies, I keep men sized one's in for sewing, the fabric is never to thick
Here I am using ladies for sheets, above is just a plain edged one, if they have an embroidered item I just place that at the bottom of the bed where it can't be seen.
Below is a beautiful lace hanky I brought from Spain many years ago,
it had sat in my drawer for too long.

The boat above, I did not find, I was in a chandlery in France last year with Kev, and he spotted it, it looked the right size, so I took the chance and brought it, I have added the seagulls, both made by Peter Cook. It looks perfect next to my beach hut, I have it sitting on sandpaper until I make the beach.
The vase below was from a trip to Prague, it sits next to the fire in the ball room and adds to the Chinese theme of the room, but in fact it is onion ware.

Above is the a pencil sharpener shaped as a globe, there are so many different styles which can be used, this sits in the corner of the study, I have many things related to the sea, the husband made his money in shipping.
Below is a fan, Fliss spotted this one for me, it was a find in a charty shop. I leave it on the chair nearest to the fire in the sitting room.

Above the flower arrangement is in wedding cake pillars, you have to buy these in packs of four, but the make a good stand, I love wedding cake shops because so much of their items are in a scale small enough to use.

My collection of cats and charms have been picked up all over, they never cost much and its always a gamble to whether they are used or not. The charms make good ornaments, all three below are in my house.
After I had packed my camera away I found loads other, my favorite, which I am working on at this time is two large wooden curtain rings, I have painted them white, I will paint red stripes on them and add white rope, they will sit beside my beach hut as life rings.

I would love to hear your finds and suggestions.


  1. I will have to go through my room and see. I know I have lovely finds and re-purposed items in my minis, but of course only one thing springs to mind.

    My mother-in-law bought new linens for her dining room last year. The napkin rings that came with the linens were too rough on the inside and would have damaged the napkins, so I have them to turn into planters. :-)

  2. Clever ideas :-)

    I use the wedding cake pillars as well but turn mine into stone for my gargoyles to sit on.


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