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Monday, 4 May 2009

First Impressions

Welcome to Somerset House, this front door I chose because it looked more regal than the one provided with the kit, it's bigger and the fan light over the door is very Georgian. the blue paint was a new colour in 1820, and as my owner was new money from shipping, he wanted to show off his wealth to everybody.

The picture below shows the inside layout of my house, on first look I have not made any major changes and it does look as it should.

The first floor hall, shown below, has had a complete make over, I did not want stairs going up, but needed something to allow access to the upper floors, so I removed all the furniture from the lower hall and took a photo, I then edited the photo and enlarged it to correct scale and pasted it on the first floor back wall, and now at first glance you think the hall goes further back and you can see the stairs going up. When I put the banister in it all came together. Both halls are painted the same colours.
The paints I use come from the B&Q range 1829, the range runs through 8 periods, and the paints are authentic, their trial pots are a good size to paint a room in our small houses. Companies like this help me to keep ever thing technically correct, in this project that's important, in my other projects I have more freedom.

I now have to second floor hall space free, I wanted to have a "bathroom", no plumbing yet so I would make a wash room, but it looked terrible, long and thin, no matter what I did nothing looked good. Then I have a bright idea, I would bring the wall forward and make the room smaller, I would have to put a door in the back wall, I had a spare working door, so I made a hallway behind, with a table and working lamp. Now I am pleased with the effect. I know my bath is wrong, but I am looking for a nice hip bath which won't cost me a month's wages.

Both piece's of furniture was hand made locally, the gentleman has passed on, but I love his work, all I need in here is a rug.
With regards to my lighting, I have a remote controlled system, which allows me to chose which lights and fire I want on. Kev brought it for a special birthday present, I let him think I had seen a piece of jewelry and when we agreed cost I brought this. He was not happy at first but now he knows it was the right thing to get, I love the system and change the lighting in the house to suit my mood.


  1. Such a clever idea for your hall problem. The banister indeed makes the illusion complete.

    What a fantastic way to light a house!

  2. Oh, I just love your house and the lighting thing sounds neat!

  3. What a gorgeous house you have!
    I luv the idea of the lighting
    What a good hubby you have!
    Everytime I talk about the dollhouse my hubby rolls his eyes! lol


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