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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Open for business

Part of the reason my house has taken so long, is because I enjoy projects and room boxes, when I started doing miniatures I promised Kev I would only buy one house, he knows what I'm like and how obsessed I get with things. And true to my word I only have one house.
Plus 2 room boxes, 2 shops, a beach hut and loads of small projects,
as long as I can fit them into my craft room I can get away with it. So here is my 1st shop, it was dated 1900's, but that has slipped and now it's a traditional toy shop. The box is not changed, but I put a large bay window on the front, this enables you to look in and when the door is open it adds extra interest.
Please note the tiny light switch, I just love them, non working but so perfect in every other way. The decoration and fittings are very simple, I spent most of my time making things, I'm not good with Filmo, but I have brought loads of little boxes and made them, I also made books, but a good place for complete books is Jean Day Miniatures, based in Canada her prices and quality is very good. The most special thing I have here are the smallest toy solders, which are on my window display, they would be lost if they were placed anywhere else. I have quite alot of Peter Rabbit things, he has always been in our house.
The globe does light up, I got this from Dolls House Emporium, all my room boxes are lit using one transformer and loads of hidden wires. The chair is there for the owner to sit at story time with the children. When Fliss and Su were younger they loved to visit our local book shop at story time. I have even had a go at making crayons, with very fine cane and bits of paint, messy but fun. At some time I will make an office to go above I fancy having a modern office. I should make a rug for the tots to sit on, maybe some time soon.
We are flexable with our opening times so do visit and bring your tots because children are always welcome.


  1. Absolutely fabulous! I love all the little toys everywhere. My favorite has to be the Beatrix Potter books on the shelf. So adorable! :-)

  2. I love this toy store. This is a project that I would love to do one day. So much detail has gone into this store. Wonderful job.

  3. Marlene, your Toy Shop is lovely. All the little details really bring it to life. You've done a brilliant job.

  4. Thank you for your comments, I do get obsessed with all the detail, I still look when I am at shows, nothing is ever finished

  5. I like the furniture pieces and shelving. I dont think I have seen those particular pieces before. They are great for showing off the really small minis.


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