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Monday, 29 November 2010

Bleak House

I have been following loads of your blogs and you are all thinking of how you are going to decorate your houses and projects this christmas, well I am having a bleak time here.

Somerset house is set in 1810-1820, thus before the christmas tree was place in the home, and The Georgians had very little decorations.

My toy shop has no room for a tree and decorations, I have tried in previous years.

My childhood kitchen, my mum would never allow decorations in here.

So I'm stumped, I think decorations here will have to be on just the big scale, unless I come up with a plan for another project, or should I just ignore the period of my house and put a tree in there anyway, I did have a tree the first christmas, but realised it was Victorian not Georgian and I have always checked the timeline of items to ensure everything is right.


  1. Yes, if you want to remain true to the time you have set your house in, that would be a problem. But you could still decorate with greens and holly, put out lots of food and maybe have your residents stage a play or so. My house is from the 1730's but I have it set in the present, so I can do anything I like ;) I do like the Georgian era though.

  2. Big problem! Do you think, I bought a Christmas tree for the Victorian home and maybe not use it because I do not like ...
    I believe that you could decorate a room in the house with natural wreaths with something red, greeting cards on the mantel, candles ...
    But I'm sure you'll find something, in a certain box ...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  3. In my opinion, I would hate to see you waste a good christmas scene by staying true to a period. Why not just forgoe the era just for christmas only. Deoorate up that house. In a pretend mind frame - the house could have been bought by some modern day people & renovated. After all it does have lighting thru out it. Something that is modern day. Enjoy & have fun playing with the beautiful house that you built!


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