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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Very modern

 I have not done much building, I have been looking at various designs for the build, I now have a clearer idea on how I will build this space.
I do want black shiny internal doors, with white door trims, here is the first coat, once dry I will sand it down and give the door a second final coat.

I still do not know what or who will be inside this project, I have loads of ideas, part of me thinks I have some beautiful stuff and should stick with them, and then I start thinking of ultra modern, is it a home or a shop, library or art gallery. Which will match my creative side.

 I am thinking the back wall in this pink with a sparkly overcoat, this is in the bottom large room. It would be much easier if I have a building to make and then decide on rooms. This is building has started the wrong way around.
I am going with the big studio windows for both floors, with a small walk way on ground floor and use my railings, I still like the idea of a terrace garden on the top floor.

Back to Google, you know me things might change.


  1. The door looks,lovely and I really like the sparkly paint - not seen that before :)

  2. Hi Marlene, I think a home offers scope for lots of creative ideas whereas with your other options, you are more restricted with what you include, just one opinion.:D


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