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Monday, 1 April 2013

Some thing new

 Working with the items I already have, I thought it would be nice to build something, my 1st thoughts was to create a gate house, and use some of the lovely items from my grand house, you know, move mother out to her own space, away from the wife.
I had a good sizes base board with groves set in for my starting point, once sorted I could cut it to correct size, I added a few walls, much bigger than 1st planned, but a really nice space, an apartment came to mind, going off in a totally different direction, but I played.
 Hubby cut the bottom walls to match the angle of the top wall, this is getting very modern, I watch to many Grand Designs. But I liked doing some thing different.
 Inside two levels, with a door at the back to gain entrance, and stairs in the larger space.This smaller side could be an entrance space, office or small kitchen. I can swap the door at this stage and have it going into the larger space and do a different type of stairs, these are just here to gain ideas.
 So my thinking is, two rooms on the lower floor, a bedroom and bathroom on the upper floor, and in the right hand corner an outside garden. I can swap the top sides over so the wall will be bricked, and I have spare bricks for the exposed back wall.
With a flat roof, and a sloping front, which I will have as large glass panels, very much like a loft conversion.
I will not decide who can live here until I have built it, I could have some one with love of antiques and use items from Somerset House, or I could go ultra modern. But I can wait until it is built. I require a couple of longer panels for the upper floor and the roof.

But I need to research and get the look right for the build, but it's a very good start.

My shop and kitchen has been place on the top shelf of bookcase and sits just under here.


  1. Marlene this looks like an exciting project and looking forward to seeing more progress :). Hope you had a nice Easter

  2. I like your house. Enjoy!
    Greetings, Faby

  3. It's nice to be in at the start of your project and you have some good ideas for it.


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