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Sunday, 5 April 2009

The heart of the House

This is all about my kitchen, it's two rooms knocked into one, a modern idea, but I felt a house this size would have a large staff and would require a kitchen to reflect that, so I left a wall out.

First the technical details, it's 1820, so they would not have a sink inside, the light's are a bit of a modern, no electricity but just the start of gas lights, I fell in love with the these lights and brought them from Ray Storey and I can't bear to part with them.

I put the window in the wall to the butler's room, I felt he might sit there with the housekeeper or cook watching the others. The floor has real tiles laid, and I added the false door to the main floor of the house. I love the scrubbed tables, not many cupboards in here.

The fire place I made myself with real bricking lining the chimney, I am pleased with it, I also love the game hanging from the rail, waiting for cook to do her best. The range, a very modern item, was a basic model I have added a bulb and as you can see it's looks quiet real.

I like to have pleanty of food item's, cook is always busy. I will change these item as the seasons change, I have a bowl of strawberries for the summer months and different flowers for the side table. I have added potatoes, but these are only for the staff, cook would never serve them to the Master.

Look closely and see lots of little gems I have added, and note the cat is having fun with a potatoe whilst a mice is scurring around.


  1. Love how you've done the Kitchen. Full of atmosphere.

  2. Wow. I'd love if you'd submit some of your project photos to fluffybricks on day! Such as photos of your kitchen, or your toyshop or your beach hut or whatever. They're really good!


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