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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

As it should be

I brought my house from Dolls House Emporium in 2004, I chose this type of kit house because of the door and window fittings, it could be made to look real. Montgomery Hall has the Georgian look I love and the internal dimensions was perfect for my needs. I knew from the start it would not be made as the kit stated, I wanted to be able to create a special building, which reflected my love of the style and design of that period.

I wanted to make just one house to the best standard within my budget and true to the period, I chose 1810 for the year, this gave me time line which I could research.

From the start I knew the kitchen was too small and I would leave a wall out of the basement to create a kitchen worthy of a house this size. I had also decided I would not build the front of the house as the kit, the kitchen was hidden behind the front steps. I began to realise the kitchen was an important part of my house. I wanted to have windows in the front wall, so you had a glimpse of all the wonderful things inside.

So with all these things buzzing around in my head I started to build. I made the house without the front steps and roof. By putting the kitchen in the basement, I had robbed myself of a true basement, but with a clever one floor extension along side the bottom floor of my house, I was able to add a basement area, plus the added space above as a courtyard garden. I cut a double door into the ground floor room, to create french doors, things were coming together.

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