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Sunday, 22 August 2010

The winner is

Firstly, I am sorry this is late, Joshy(my grandson) was going to visit me on Friday and I wanted him to do this, but mum is resting and yesterday we were very busy, so here it is my 1st giveaway.

Good Luck

It's up to me to pull the name out

And the winner is...............

Julie at KC's Court, I have left a message asking for your address on your blog.

Thank you to every one taking part

We have Su and Gav's wedding this coming weekend, so my time has been full of that and yet again no mini's, we plan to decorate and change the office in September, which means we will have to move my house, so as soon as that is done I will start on the building work to finish the house, thanks to all my followers, and to every one I follow, blogging is such good fun.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mini giveaway

I feel a fraud, this is a mini site and I have not had th energy to do anything for a while.

Above is the plan for our office space, it looks very basic, but I have storage behind the doll's house in a large under stairs cupboard. I only keep doll's house and card crafting in this room. my dressmaking stash in the bed drawers in the spare'bed. We have brought the beech bench for in front of the window wall, and planned its construction using legs taken from a table we do not use, my dest will be cut down for shelves above my side. This will be done in September when Kev is on holiday and John our chippie will be availible to cut the bench.

I have decided to have a small giveaway for no reason that I want to, above is a hat and puppy I have made, the dollies I cut from a plastic fabric, they are handy little items. below are some teatowels, I made by printing on fabric, some small flowers I use for trimming hat's etc, and a small picture frame.
to have a chance of winning these items please just leave a comment on this post, I am happy to send anywhere. I will leave this running for one week and announce the winner on Thursday 19th good luck.

If you love the puppy you can go here and follow instructions on how to make him.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Catching up

I have done nothing to my curtains I was planning to make, feeling tired most of the week I have been doing my cross stitch. I have also been sorting a few cupboards changing items from the dining room to the spare room, it felt as if I had just stuffed things away without thinking of how much I use these items.

Kev and I were sat in our office, the only place we have not decorated, as you will see from the two photo's we have alot of things in this small room. Kev's desk is large without having alot of work space. We have an 8 foot window in here with loads of light. we spoke of buying new desk's mine is tatty, we have come up with a plan to create a bench along the window wall, which would be 9 foot long( 3mtrs), which would give us both more space, move my dolls house to the other side, which gives it more protection, no-one would have to walk past it. This would give us more space in the middle of the room. I quickly did a room plan ( this was a previous job of mine to plan and design office space) and it all fits in well. Kev went on line and found a perfect bench. Our big cupboard would stay, it's metal and the lower drawers are fill of my magazines for stitching and dolls house. So my head is full of plans.

We are busy with wedding plans through out August, but Kev has holiday in September, so fingers crossed, we will get it done and then my house will be better placed for me to work on it.

One small thing I have done is to move my beach hut, it was sat on top of my house, as I have not yet built the attic's. I have moved it to our bedroom, as you walk into the room we have a high free standing storage unit, and I have created the display there, using a tea light light house, which I often use. I have no lights in the hut, I will tidy the beach area and add a few more items.

I would hope to do some mini's but I have wedding things to do for Su, and a couple of hospital appointments this week, and of course cross stitch.


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