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Sunday, 22 August 2010

The winner is

Firstly, I am sorry this is late, Joshy(my grandson) was going to visit me on Friday and I wanted him to do this, but mum is resting and yesterday we were very busy, so here it is my 1st giveaway.

Good Luck

It's up to me to pull the name out

And the winner is...............

Julie at KC's Court, I have left a message asking for your address on your blog.

Thank you to every one taking part

We have Su and Gav's wedding this coming weekend, so my time has been full of that and yet again no mini's, we plan to decorate and change the office in September, which means we will have to move my house, so as soon as that is done I will start on the building work to finish the house, thanks to all my followers, and to every one I follow, blogging is such good fun.


  1. Sorry I looked but could not see......an email address to reply with my name and address.
    I did email Fliss on Friday though with my adress.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Sorry I should have said THANK YOU! So Thank you.
    Julie xxxxxxx


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