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Thursday, 9 September 2010

After the Wedding

After all the fun of our daughter Su's wedding two weeks ago, I thought I would make a champagne bottle for a wedding. Pic's of her can be seen on my other site Poppypatchwork. The bottle is always on sale at Christmas filled with Celebration chocolates, I have had this bottle for a couple of years.

I made the floor inside to raise the floor level to above where the base of the bottle joins the top,
the base is just printed card.
The table is a spare I have.

This beautiful head dress was brought at a show ages ago,
I was going to use it in a garden scene, but it looks good here.
There is a matching button hole for the groom.
I printed the cards, flight tickets, passport and the boxes under the table,
the white gloves came from a card embellishment pack,

Can you imagine the scene, Bride and groom has just returned to their room at the hotel and dropped their items on a side table, having a rest before jetting off to their honeymoon and maybe another glass of champagne.
I have almost finished stitching my pink/red cushion cover for my real spare bed, this to is on my other site, I will have stitches 100 squares of "patchwork", each square has 30 x 30 stitches, which means I will have stitched 90,000 crosses by the time I have finished.

So now I want a small project. I have often said I am hopeless at using Filmo, but I have a friend Diane Carpenter who is great, I asked her to create a tiger's head for me to attach to a tiger rug which is my next stitching task. So below is her tiger head, I am pleased with it, I want the rug for my study in Somerset House, I will now match the thread to the head, once inside we will only be able to see the back of the head.


  1. What a lovely momento of the day. It just shows, you can create a miniature scene in almost anything. I love the champagne bottle idea.

  2. What a wonderful idea - love it!

  3. Uauuuu!!! Que coisas lindas você tem!!! Parabéns!!!
    Bem vinda ao meu Blog, tem flores para você lá. Obrigada por me seguir.
    Beijos, Laurinha.


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