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Monday, 20 September 2010


Somerset House is now in it's permanent location, Ok it's just on the other side of my office. But we have refurbed the whole space and created loads of space. Our desks which suited the space in our previous house did not work at all well here. The house now is tucked back inside the office behind my side of our bench. I have storage space below and plenty of room to start working on it. I have checked all the lights and they are still working.

Kev replaced our two desk with a long bench placed on the window wall, we sit in the sunlight over our desk space. My view is only of my car parked on the drive and the road outside, but it's not very busy. We used a beech kitchen worktop, which comes in 3metre length which is just bigger than the space we put it.

Kev has his side with all his bits and bobs.

My side is packed, all my silly cows and two room boxes, I want to bring down my beach hut and put on the second shelf. I have found space to pack away all my stuff, the cupboard under the stairs houses all the wood and building stuff.

We each have loads of room to spread our work, and are very pleased with the results. Kev worked hard last week, but he's done a great job.

My first task is to rebuild the basement, I have all the pieces, so it should only take an afternoon. Then I would like to get my attic done, this I have to plan, the attic which came with the house was closed off, but I want a maids room and a day bedroom for the children, I also want some space to show the attic with things stored there.


  1. Your joint office looks fabulous. So organised and tidy..

  2. Its looking great Marlene your very neat

  3. It's fun to compare the two workspaces. One is very tidy, has a cabinet to store paperwork, a few pictures on the wall. The other has shelves stuffed with miniatures, roomboxes, stuffed animals. It has some cd-player waiting to switch on and even little plants and flowers in front of the pc. Isn't it great how different people can be? It looks great btw, I'd love to trade with you.

  4. Kev is a Virgo and very tidy, me I just love to clutter, my collection of cows always have to be close.

  5. Ooh I love this office! Love both sides !!!! I dread to think what ours would look like but must admit what a great idea!

  6. Your office looks great! I can't imagine sharing a workspace - my mini clutter and my husband's electronics - we'd need a desk the size of a football field :)

  7. How I envy you your space! Maybe one day. It certainly looks very organised. I like the new blog too.

  8. Its a tedious job, but ooh so rewarding. It looks like a million bucks, ready for.... the basement. I doubt if I could stand my hubby next to me...brrrr

  9. I wish my workspace was as tidy and well organised as yours. I despair of ever having a clear space to work in...
    The house looks wonderful.

  10. Your office looks so organised. How wonderful to have a designated place to work on all your projects.


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