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Friday, 7 January 2011

Roll on March

I have just been told of this wonderful place

It is near Petersfield, which is less than an hours drive. The house is a National Trust property and is all historic correct, built in 1690, but very Georgian.

The best bit I have been told is they have a model dolls house fully equipped, so I can't wait to get there, but it is closed untill March. You can visit the site here

I intend this year to work more on my house, last year was not good for me health wise, but I have been drawing up plans for the attic space, with a maids bedroom, a day nursery and some attic space. I have purchased most of what I require. I also want to stitch a tiger skin rug and make a rag rug for the maids room.


  1. what a beautiful and grand mansion. I love the symmetry of the Georgian style. Best wishes for the new year!

  2. Oh, Marlene! This is stunning. Thanks for posting the photo, I'm going to go and learn more about this property. It's my favourite period, too -- William and Mary, but, as you say, definitely looking forward to Georgian!

  3. Tienes trabajos muy interesantes en tu blog,ya soy tu seguidora,te invito a visitarme.Besos.


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