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Saturday, 1 August 2009

The Yellow Room

This is my final bedroom in the main part of the House, I am putting a maids room in the attic space, but that will be next year, after we move and I have more mini time.
This room belongs to the daughter of the house, she is an adult.
There is still much to be done and this is a work in progress.

As in the green room I have created the fire place on the back wall, it is another working fireplace, the door I have put on the side of the room, this opens unto the top hall. I wanted the bedroom's to be similar but not the same, I do not need so much space in here, so I could locate the door on the side. The floor again I have made and stained. I do need to add a picture rail, but again there will be no ceiling lights, there is a lamp in the back corner.

I will change some of the furniture in here, but not the chest of drawers below, these were made locally and are beautiful, the drawers are very fine, I already have items in storage in them.

The bed was made by the same craftsman as the drawers, I first had this in the master bedroom, but I feel it's better here, the blanket was purchased from e-bay, and the sheets are hankies.

The hat and bag are hand made, the hat was my first attempt and I will keep it, up close it's not that good, but we all have to start somewhere, the bag is a patterned piece of ribbon with a fringe, folded and glued, the handle is just fine cord, the fringe has been shaped.

The rug below is my own design, I have stitched it on 32hpi canvas, but I can not get it to stay square, I did not use a hoop whilst stitching.

The background paper I am using in these pic's is a wrapping paper, I have painted it white and use it for ceiling paper in the down stairs rooms.

I will show more pic's once this room is finished.

For my next blog, I want to show my beech hut.


  1. PAinting wrapping paper white and using for the ceiling is a fantastic idea. I wondered what to do with some of my ceilings. Everything is looking very nice.

  2. Your room is very pretty. I like the yellow. The bedding is also very nice. That is a great idea for using wrapping paper on the ceiling!
    I would like to see a close up of that special dresser in the back.

  3. Kathi if you click on the pic it will go much larger, the dresser was a cheap item I picked up in a shop, I use the cheaper items at the back, thank you both for your comments.

  4. I got my most Fine Bedroom Furniture from spacify.com where prices seemed to very reasonable

  5. Very pretty - I love all the soft colors together!


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