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Friday, 14 August 2009

Food for thought

Add ImageThroughout the projects and house is food,
and here I wanted to show you some of the special pieces I have collected,
I'm not good with Filmo, so I enjoy shows where you can choose for the most delightful items.

These hang over my kitchen fireplace, waiting for cook to choose for the masters dinner.
The centre bird has real feathers.

The fruit has been brought from many different people and put together in this dish.
It sits on my desk, nowhere for it in my house, but each item a master piece.

This box of vegetables, fresh from the garden.

Turkish delight, my favorite,
I had to have a dish in my house, this sits on the table in the ball room

This chicken is on the kitchen table, it's not that fat, so it won't go far,
the feathers on it's neck are real, made by another local lady.

Plate of biscuits, left in the sitting room for the lady of the house
Most were made by me, very basic.

Ham, Pies and beetroot, all ready to be served.

Who broke the egg, fresh strawberries with shortbread.

Sweet pastries, freshly cooked, cooling ready for the main meal.


  1. he llegado hasta aqui siguiendo el tutorial del perrito realmente muy bonito y luego he visto las distintas cosas realizadas en su blog, realmente muy buenas .
    las tartas y las fresas con nata dan ganas de comérselas , y la fuente con las fresas se ven tan naturales. todo muy bonito.
    saludos Loly
    I have come hitherto following(continuing) the tutorial of the really very nice little dog and then I have seen the different things realized in his(her,your) blog, really very good.
    The tarts and the strawberries on scum meet desire of eating up them, and the source(fountain) with the strawberries they meet so natural. Quite very nice.
    Regards Loly

  2. Beautiful job with the Pasteries. I'm always on the lookout for pasteries & breads because Im making a Bakery / Sweetshop in 1:12 and I just dont have the time to make the actual foods to go inside!


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