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Monday, 7 September 2009

The perfect workroom

This was my first miniature project,
I often forget this one, it's located in our sitting room,
everything else is on display in my craft room.

The display box was purchased from Doll's House Emporium, at the time it looked a perfect size. This is the only project at today's time. I wanted to create a perfect spot for my mini me. Most of the furniture was purchased from DHE at the same time as the box. On the coffee table is my mini sewing, I have also on the table a pair of working scissors and a thimble, my mum always wore a thimble when sewing.

As with my craft room, I have loads of things here which I love, I have put something from each of the craft's I enjoy. I have also added extras from my real life. I will always have a sewing machine, books of all types, pot plants including cati.

The two teapots on the shelves, were a present, they are made by Sally Meakins, who's work I love and the reflect my love of cat's, at the time they were given to me I had a black and white cat, Tom and a ginger cat, Tim. Tim is no longer with us, but he lives on in my mini worlds.

I love lavender, it grows in my real garden, I would also love to have space to be able to leave sewing project's which are unfinished, ready for me to carry on, I always have to pack everything away.
The mini pictures above are of my real family, Kev and I are there, as is myself and my mum, Fliss and Steve on their wedding day, and Su is featured in a couple of shots.

This little silver handbag, is a silver charm, I brought it for Su on a weekend break together we had in London, It was her 21st and just the two of us have a couple of days away. It was purchased in Covent Gardens, we had a long browse in the market area, Su loved this little bag, after we had a great lunch. Su later passed this bag to me for safe keeping, it is the correct size.


  1. Preciosa escena, y con unos detalles encantadores. Felicidades enseƱarnos una escena tan encantadora

  2. Gracias por sus comentarios, me alegro de que disfrute de mi trabajo

  3. How delightfully lovely! Thanks for letting us have a glimpse too.

  4. Wonderful! If you ever wanted to submit these photos to fluffybricks, you'd be very welcome to.

  5. Oh I luv this Marlene how lovely!
    What a lovely room just for you!
    Lavendar is my favourite too
    You know you have given me the best idea
    To leave a lovely box like that to my children with all my special things in it!
    thank you Marlene


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