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Monday, 28 September 2009

The best plans

Today we have confirmation of our move date,
16th October, so we are busy packing.

My mini house pack did not go well last Thursday.
I chose that evening because Kev was away and I could spend time doing the packing, I have saved some large tin's for all my accessories to go in.
I was very good and straight after my dinner, I went into my craft room, got the first tin down placed it in front of my house, took the lid off and there to my horror inside was the biggest spider I have ever seen. The lid was placed back on the tin, but I could not bring myself to pick up the tin. Fliss's hubby removed the spider in the tin to the garden on Friday evening, but no packing has been done.
I now keep an eye on our back door waiting for this big spider to come back in. Here in the UK there are people who say if you keep conkers in a room the spiders will not enter, so we have collected conkers to place in each corner of every room. Will keep you posted if it works.
And boy are the spiders big this year.


  1. What are "conkers?" I might need some over here! We have some really big spiders too! I hate spiders! Especially the ones that jump!!

  2. Conkers are from Horse-Chestnut trees - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conkers for a description of the age old game that is played with them. Also think of Hot Roasted Chestnuts on Bonfire Night in the UK, and you should get the picture.


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